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WIWS: Wherein Kittenchan Shows Her Face

Back from my internet sabbatical. I gave it up for Lent, and it was really good for me.

I’ve been wanting to do the What I Wore Sunday linkup for a long time – pretty much ever since it started – but I never got around to getting a picture of myself until this week. I think it was a comment thread on one of Simcha Fisher‘s posts in the National Catholic Register – another fine and frisky debate on pants versus skirts, I’m sure – that had a commenter talking about WIWS and basically laying out a challenge to traditional-types; “Show us how you manage to wear skirts and a veil and not look dreadfully weird and/or dowdy” kind of thing. I like the spirit of show, don’t tell, so here’s the first installment. Hopefully my husband will not think I’m so strange if I do this every week and make him get used to it. It worked with cloth diapers, why shouldn’t it work with “Why the heck do you want me to take your picture?” I’m not exactly a traditional-type all the way, anyway; I still usually go to the OF Mass and I don’t think playing Dungeons and Dragons is a sin. Also I wear pants. Pbbbbtht.

Anyway. Here we go.

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