Monthly Archives: October 2012

Monday, Monday, (Dah daah da da DA dahh)

(Ok, I can’t keep saying “my husband”, “my midwife, and “my midwife’s assistant/apprentice who was primary for the birth” forever, so hubs is now the Fardreamer, the midwife is E and the apprentice is V.)

So my hip went poing. And I went, Oh this is new. AND EXCRUCIATING.

I babbled a lot, and tried every position I ever saw, read about, heard of, or could invent. As I kept repeating to whoever was making suggestions or asking questions at the time: Everything hurts horribly, but walking is the least horrible. So I walked up and down the apartment, up and down, which really isn’t very far before you have to adjust your stride and turn around again. At some point near 11pm or midnight (so this is now Tuesday the 24th of July, but I still think of it as “Monday night” due to personal time/date stuff) I finally convinced the Fardreamer that yes, V really DID need to come over, NOW, because this is not good and not normal. I think some of the highly creative swearing helped. (Hi Mom!)

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