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Postpartum Pointers: For Your Information

Soooooo… Even though the cynic in me thinks, “You know, I rarely get visitors now, why on earth would I think people would visit me after the birth?”, the optimist says “Maybe people will want to come! Because there’s a baby, and that’s exciting, and stuff!” And back and forth it goes. I honestly don’t expect any more people to come around once the baby is here, but I sure HOPE they will, because at least the baby is super portable while she’s still inside me, but when she’s out, the whole getting out and about thing is going to have a steep learning curve. (Which is a large part of why I am SO GLAD that we’re planning on two weeks of paternity leave so I’m not here by myself with the baby going even crazier than I am right now.)

On the other hand, I know that the vast majority of my friends don’t have any experience with visiting new parents, and certainly don’t have any experience with visiting me postpartum. I found some friendly suggestions and advice-type posts online that I think would be helpful for people to take into consideration when they visit. (If they visit. I hope they visit. Please visit.) I know a bunch of them are things I never would have thought of myself, but they make a lot of sense and I would be glad to incorporate them into my own behavior and attitude if/when I’m the one doing the visiting, so maybe they will prove useful to others as well.

I don’t want to come off as overly picky or demanding of people who are, in fact, taking time and effort out of their day to see me and therefore help prevent my turning into a raving lunatic due to what is essentially solitary confinement. However, I do want to point out a few things which, in my opinion, will help things run smoothly and make visits quite pleasant indeed. (Some of the tips will be edited to reflect our specific circumstances. These editions will not be noted here because that would make this a punctuation nightmare, but the blog titles link to the original article.)

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