7 Quick Takes: Super Quick Day

Having accomplished very little over the past week – except for one memorable day when I actually felt like a productive human being – there was not much to say. So here I am again, feeling lousy, but wanting to talk about it.

1. I need to figure out a sane approach to grocery lists. I used to have one. But I just spent a few days working on this one… who else makes multiple drafts of their grocery list? Maybe this is a bizarre manifestation of nesting. Now I don’t feel like shopping because the list has gotten long and I can’t do big grocery trips by myself anymore. I tried it a couple times but when I’m sitting down on the floor in the aluminum foil and pickle relish aisle because I just. can’t. stand. anymore and the cold stuff in the cart is getting warm, or when I’m leaning on my forearms at the register swaying back and forth in the hopes that this pass-out-or-puke-but-definitely-large-muscle-strike-and-headache feeling will be appeased long enough for me to fall into the car, the idea that I will be an Amazon this time and power through it isn’t convincing at all. And I’ve been putting off shorter grocery runs for this whole week due to the dauntingly hot weather, so it has to be done today.

2. My birth kit came today. Even though I know what all is in it, I’m excited to be able to open it up and see everything, and have it be that much more real.

3. After three Saturdays spread out over six weeks, my dad, mom, sister, and I have finally finished a respectably deep cleaning, rearranging, and de-junking of this place. It’s amazing, and I have never had a place where I was living look this good before.

4. We had the preliminary meeting with the deacon before signing up for the baptism class. He and I must have extremely different senses of humor, or something, because every time I make a joke there is just no response, and I kinda want to curl up and disappear. I crack jokes as a nervous habit to dispel tension. This just creates more tension. Great. Also we’ve been completely stonewalled on the Extraordinary Form baptism front. Oh well, time to lay down arms and just do what has to be done for now. Next baby, I’m asking the next priest on down the EF-friendly list.

5. It is really hard to figure out a quick, easy way to reheat Chinese leftovers which results in them tasting as good as the first time around. I’m looking at you, shamefully-non-crispy crab puffs.

6. I have become entranced by ombre cakes and desire to make one in the near future. There was a rumor that one might show up at the baby shower. It’d be cool to have one that’s pink on the inside and blue on the outside. Or whatever colors. They’re pretty any way you slice it.
(Har har har.)

7. Out of six fortune cookies, five of them were platitudes and one was an actual fortune, wow! It says “You will soon be surrounded by good friends and laughter.” Boy I hope it comes true. That’s exactly what I could use.


(7 Quick Takes is hosted by Jen Fulwiler of Conversion Diary.)


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