Politics Leaves Me Feeling Gross, So I’m Going to Take a Baby Shower

A cousin and a friend have been slowly pushing me towards making a list of baby loot so they can blow all their hard-earned cash on miniature items soon to be stained, gummed, and grown out of. Now that another friend has offered to host a tea party baby shower for me, I guess it’s time to make that list. Instead of picking out specific brands from specific stores, I figured it would be better if I put up general descriptions, so that there’s no pressure to get everything brand new, or that I won’t like something if it’s not exactly what I suggest here. The pictures are so that people not immersed in the world of baby gear know what I’m talking about, and also to give a general impression of colors and things that I like. I’m leaning strongly towards not finding out the sex of this baby until birth, so the “he” pronoun here is not a subtle indicator, or clue, or anything. I don’t like looking at lots of pastel blue or pink, and hopefully this will encourage people to branch out to the rest of the rainbow and the myriad interesting shades thereof. My private nickname (not many other people know and I don’t expect anyone to use it) for the baby is Guppy, so fish stuff and orange will go over well. I’m not trying to color-code my kids (although the thought has crossed my mind before) so don’t feel like everything has to be fishy and orange. The baby is due in the middle of July, and it’s hot here until November. I’ll take any size of anything as long as it’s somewhat seasonless, and other than that I trust your judgement for tracking summer/fall/winter gear with a growing baby (eg, I think you all are smart enough not to give me a Santa suit in a newborn size because this kid will be about 5 months old in December). Finally, there will probably be a lot of rambling on about what I think is cool about XYZ feature, so if I start to sound like a catalog, it’s because I think what I’m learning about this stuff is interesting and I have some crazy notion that you will too.

I’ll start with clothes because I think they’re the cutest to look at.

Onesies: I think these must be the best things ever. They’re easy to take on and off, they don’t need to match anything, and they don’t ride up or fall down. If they’re paired with pants, shorts, or a skirt, they look neatly tucked in, and I don’t have to worry about almost pulling the baby’s shirt off when I have to pick him up. I don’t like watching it happen with other babies and I don’t want to have to deal with it.

A onesie, also known in some places as a bodysuit. It even has a cute fish on it.

There are also long sleeved onesies for when it gets a little brisk outside, or when businesses in this state goes crazy with the air conditioning.

When I picked this picture, I ddn't even notice that it had the same fish applique as the other onesie.

Booties and Socks: Booties appeal to me if they have some form of fastening around the upper part of the foot or ankle so the baby can’t just kick them off. I’d like to have a few pairs (1-3, no Imelda Marcos child here) because they’re more respectable looking than socks and it seems as though the baby is fully dressed for being in public rather than ready for a bathrobe and a nightcap. On the whole I’m not one for frilly bow-bedecked booties, because they look like they’d get dirty and look terrible or melt if they got wet, but if I have a girl I suppose one (1) fancy pair might be nice.

I like the snaps and fabric choice.

I hear that socks get lost ALL the time so a bunch of solid color socks, mostly black and white, might be the best way to ensure we can still make pairs when the park eats one and the grocery store steals another and the baby donates a third to the church. I don’t like socks that try to look like shoes, because socks are socks and shoes are shoes, so why pretend to be shoes when everyone knows they aren’t? Basic socks with a bit of height above the ankle which can be folded down seem like they would stay on the best, as opposed to little footie socks. There are socks with little stuffed animal heads on them, but they don’t look like they’d survive long in the wash, and I think the heads would just provide added leverage to getting pulled or kicked off and lost.

These are what basic socks look like to me. Note the folded over cuffs.

Footie pajamas and sleeping gowns: Footie pajamas, or sleepers, are pretty cool. I’d rather have ones that snap all the way open from top to bottom, like in the picture, and all the way open up and down the legs, than only a front zipper or bottom snaps. The more access I can get to the all-important diaper area without undressing the baby the better, and I’d rather not have something that pulls down over his head either. Onesies and sleeping gowns have wide necklines so I don’t mind pulling that over a baby’s head, but not something as fitted a a footie pajama neckline.

I love the stars and the little deer feet.

Sleeping gowns tend to be lighter weight, which is good because it can stay pretty hot at night, especially in the summer,  plus it means not having to deal with stuffing wiggly baby legs through pant legs and into footies. They gather at the bottom either with a band of elastic like in this picture, or a drawstring, for easy diaper changes.

Note the wide neckline and elastic bottom.

Sweater and jacket: I’m pretty sure I’d need only one of each at the most. I really like the colors in the sweater picture, and that it has a center closure rather than needing to be pulled over the head. There’s still about five months before Guppy’s supposed to show up, and that’s enough time to knit something like this, right? :)

These colors are FANTASTIC.

What I like about this particular jacket is that it has an attached hood and it’s a nice shade of brown. Brown goes with just about every color, pattern, and occasion, and it’s not as severe as black. I dislike layering busy pattern on top of busy pattern, and since a lot of baby clothes are made with patterned fabric, this jacket looks a lot more appealing than something with all kinds of different colors and animals all over it. I know the baby won’t care, but I have to look at what he’s wearing all day.

The plaid lining is nice too.

Hats: It is bright here. Even in the dead of winter, the non-stop daytime sunshine turns the interior of my car into a roasting pan. I think sunglasses on babies look silly and troublesome, so the solution is a nice broad-brimmed hat like the one in the picture. I don’t like bucket hats because the short brim tends to go straight down, obscuring vision, and blocking less light. This one has a little cloth tie under the chin which seems like a smart move for keeping it on.

Sunburned babies make me sad.

I couldn’t help but add this picture of a super cute brimmed hat for a girl. I wish it came in MY size, too.

It reminds me a little bit of the hats my mom's bridesmaids wore.

Then for warmth I know that beanie hats are extremely common and popular but I did want to make a plug for hats with ear flaps. What I like about this example hat is that it has ear flaps but they’re not really long, and they don’t end in tassels, crocheted chains, or braids. There are lots of pictures of sweet little babies chewing on whatever is dangling from the ear flaps, and I just don’t want to go there.

I think the little animal ears are cute.

Other stuff, like pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses: Since no one will know the sex of the baby until after it’s born, I hesitate to add anything explicitly masculine or feminine to the list. If someone finds some irresistible item, I’d accept it graciously and if the baby’s sex doesn’t cooperate, I’ll save it, or ask the giver if it’s ok if I donate it in case I don’t have room to save it. I figure little pieces like these can be obtained a month or more later, since the baby is decently clothed in the summer heat with the above items and will grow so fast at the beginning anyway.

Well, that’s it for the first installment. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do, and that this helps along the excitement to welcome the first of the next generation in our families.


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4 responses to “Politics Leaves Me Feeling Gross, So I’m Going to Take a Baby Shower

  • Aunty Em

    GREAT headline; you GO, girl! Aunty Em

  • Anne Garrison

    Do you say something about sizes in another part of this blog? If not, may I suggest nothing smaller than size “9 months”? I speak from experience…
    Nice blog! First visit; looking forward to many more!

    • kittenchan

      I mention sizes in passing in the opening section of this post, but no, I don’t go in depth about it. I wish baby clothing sizes were according to weight, like diapers, or length, or something else more useful than “age”. It seems that men’s clothing has the only sensible sizing measurements in all clothing-dom. If “9 months” fit us kids of normal birth weight when we were new, I’d hate to find out how tiny a baby has to be to fit in “0-3 months” or whatever the first increment is. Good grief.

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