Hello world!

The constant suggestions from my mom to start a blog have been busy bees, buzzing in my bonnet until I thought hmm, I suppose I have enough to say about things to make it worthwhile.

(Naturally, that means you must excuse this introductory post from being stilted and lame, and just take my word for it that the rest of this blog will be captivating.)

So what kind of content will I have on here, anyway?

I like to run my mouth off about religious and political issues, and when I have made enough people mad at me, I’ll post conciliatory pictures of kitchen escapades. Together we will rejoice in the dark shimmer of ganache, and weep over yet another flat, heavy peanut butter mousse. And THEN, when everyone is bored to tears, I’ll delve into my enduring love for Sailor Moon, and the bitter tragedy of creating a dynamic, personable character for Dungeons and Dragons, just to have the gaming group dissolve.

Well, depending on who you are, that might bore you even more. But then, what are you doing here?

I have a few favorite soapboxes: the Catholic identity crisis following the 60’s, America’s bizarre tendency to excel despite its government, the arts and trials of being a domestic goddess, and how to survive as a geek in a world of normals.

I am a 22-year-old creative writing major, engaged to be married in May. I love tortellini carbonara and all things dessert. My favorite animals are foxes and cats, and one of my favorite things to do is set tables. I have been to the best place in the world, and it is in Wyoming. I am currently in my fourth year of being the Money-Grubbing Slime in the Ruling Junta of T.H.E.M., the science fiction-fantasy-general-geekage social club. I am hopelessly unemployed.


About kittenchan

I'm a Roman Catholic, conservative creative writing major with a penchant for cooking, crafting, and geek subcultures. View all posts by kittenchan

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